Where to Find Meeting Rooms in Chicago

Where to Find Meeting Rooms in Chicago

Where to find meeting rooms in Chicago

If you’ve got an event, a training session, a client meeting or other important work occasion coming up, it’s helpful to know what meeting rooms are available in the area in which your event is taking place. While it’s often more convenient to hold such events at your own place of business, usually the very people who need to attend are out of town, or even out of state. So, what do you do? You look for meeting rooms that fulfill you and your party’s needs perfectly.

However, finding a meeting room in Chicago, or in any other location, that ticks all the boxes for your particular situation can be tough. Some are far away from transportation, aren’t close to parking, don’t offer toilet or kitchen facilities, or lack the technology you require. As a result, you might find yourself in a panic which may have otherwise been avoided by shopping around, looking in all the right places.


Workspace rental is becoming more and more common, as corporations and small businesses find themselves looking to branch out into other cities, and even countries to get new clients on board and expand their market share. Where video calls just don’t suffice, a face-to-face meeting in a central location is a must. While the conference itself is the most critical part of your journey, the premises you hold it in can set the scene for it being a success or failure. After all, having no toilet facilities, or a kitchen to make coffee, can leave a sour taste in the mouth of a potential new client. It can also reflect poorly on you as being disorganized or unable to cater to your client’s needs before the deal is done.


When you’re looking to find meeting rooms in Chicago, you can’t go past these platforms below. Each of them lists a range of available meeting rooms and workspace rentals that are welcoming, fresh, contemporary and offer a variety of technological features to cater to your every need. By browsing through the many options, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Breather offers a range of meeting rooms to suit small or large parties. Whether you’re meeting with just one client to discuss a project, or you have your whole team with you to work for the day, there’s a room to cater for it. On Breather, you can browse through the many spaces, as you would a hotel, to find one that caters to the party size. You can then choose the one you like the look of, in the location that suits, and within the price range that’s going to work for you. You can either pay by the hour, or by the day. Such a feature enables you to make the most of the space without having to hurry to be out by a particular time.


When you go to book your room, it will show you the available timeslots, as well as the list of features your group can take advantage of. From whiteboards, TVs and WiFi through to air conditioning, Apple TV, bathrooms, elevator access and more; there is a lot on offer in each and every room. The more you pay, the bigger the space and the more comfortable and convenient the room.


Each room listing also details instructions on how to get to the room, opening hours, what the space is suitable for, and convenient nearby public transport.


Evenues runs similarly to Breather but lays out its features in a far more convenient form. For features the rooms don’t offer, it has a red ‘X’ icon beside them, and for the ones they do have, a large green tick. Such a format helps management of your business quickly decipher whether a room is going to be fit for purpose. On Evenues, you’re also able to read reviews from other people who have used the space. If you find a room ticks all the boxes going by the lists, then there’s a string of bad reviews, you can make the call to choose another room. Reviews are a helpful, unbiased feature that can help you select the best meeting room in Chicago for your work requirements.


Do you need an entire art gallery for your exhibition? How about an expansive meeting room for a work gathering, or a wide-open lot for a social event? PeerSpace offers an eclectic mix of rentable workspaces that vary in price, scope, quality, and style. There is a range of areas on offer, including small spaces for a little gathering at a competitive price, or a large corporate room to be hired out for the day with no expense spared. If you’ve got something in mind that both Breather and Evenues don’t offer, you’ll most likely find it on PeerSpace.


Like Evenues, PeerSpace enables people to review the rooms they have used to help future customers make their decision. Once you’ve found a room that suits, you can connect directly with the host and confirm your booking. It’s that easy!


When you are looking for a meeting room in Chicago, there are thousands available. However, it’s helpful to use one of the platforms above to ensure it’s going to be exactly what you’re after. Take note of the photos, find out what you need and compare it to what’s on offer, and get that meeting space that will tick all the boxes for you and your party.